• When is Bel Passi’s baseball season? 

Our regular baseball season has practices beginning in February, and games running March through the end of May. Our All-Stars season may run into July.

  • At what age can my child play at Bel Passi?

Our players range in age from 4-14 years old. Players must be age 4 by August 31 of the playing year, and cannot turn 15 before August 30.

  • Does my child need to know how to play baseball before they register?

Players of all skill levels are welcome to play at Bel Passi! Your child will be placed on a team with players of similar experience level. This is a place to learn!

  • Where are games played?

All regular season games are played at our Bel Passi facility, on Roselle Ave, in Modesto. For families looking to travel for play, please contact us regarding our competitive league, Bel Passi Select.

  • Where does my registration money go?

Bel Passi is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization. All registration fees go directly toward maintaining our facility. This includes utilities, insurances, umpire wages, equipment, etc. Recreation league fees do not go toward Bel Passi Select activities.

  • What are the age ranges for each league?

  • What are the 2018 Bat Rules?

Bel Passi Baseball follows PONY bat rules. Please see this link and the below information:

PONY Bat Rules

In conjunction with USA Baseball and its other participating national member organizations, PONY Baseball has adopted the new USA Baseball bat standard (USABat). Effective January 1, 2018, with the exception of -3 (BBCOR certified), all other 2 1/4″ and 2 5/8″ barrel bats with a minus factor of (-5, -7, -9, etc.), must be USABat certified with the USABat licensing stamp on the bat in order to be used for league and tournament play. All 2 1/4″ and 2 5/8″ minus factor bats -5, -7, -9, etc. used in 2017 will be illegal to use in 2018.
Tee ball bats are not required to undergo lab testing to receive approval under the USABat program. However, to be approved for play, tee ball bats must carry the USA Baseball mark accompanied by the following text: “Only For Use With Approved Tee Ball Bats.” If you already have a tee ball bat you would like to continue using, all you have to do is purchase a USA Bat sticker directly from USA Baseball and place it on your bat. You can purchase a USA Bat sticker, click here. Tee ball bats manufactured after the new rule was adopted will already include the USABat Baseball mark. 

The new USABat certified bats bearing the USABat licensing mark are expected to be offered in retail stores September 1, 2017.

To find out more about the USABat standard click here.
To find PONY’s official approved bat list, which is in accordance with USABat, click here.